Alpine skiing Adult All levels ( Ski or Snowboard )


The ADULT ALPINE SKI lessons are reserved for teenagers from 13 years old and for adults. Come and discover the ski area of Les Saisies with slopes adapted to your desires and your level, the techniques to ski easily. Share a friendly moment, your fears and successes within a group that feels the same sensations as you or not and it is there that you will have to ask yourself the right questions about your relationship with skiing with your instructor ;)

Before registering:

1: know or find the STUDENT'S LEVEL by looking at his or her SKI SCHOOL test passport or you can click on LEVELS for help                                                                                                                                                  
2: CHOOSE THE FORMULA of the ski course and/or the SCHEDULE
3: check that you are INSURED in case of cancellation or illness (sale of CARRE-NEIGE possible with us or with the lift passes)


10h30 to 12h30 - BASIC : 10 students maximum / Monday to Friday
13h00 to 14h30 - MINI-TEAM : 5 students maximum / Monday to Friday during SCHOOL HOLIDAYS
For good skiers: 09h00 to 12h30 - RUN COURSE : from the Cristal d'or level acquired / from Monday to Friday during the winter vacations
Course to discover different types of skiing: ski competition, skicross, freeride skiing, introduction to avalanche victim search with a versatile instructor


I have never skied before, I register in ADULT BEGINNERS 
I have obtained the crystal, I enroll in the ADULT CLASS 1
I have obtained the bronze crystal, I enroll in the ADULT CLASS 2
I have obtained the silver, vermeil or gold crystal, I register in the ADULT CLASS 3/4 or in the RUN COURSE mentioned above.

Medal offered!

You are ready!!!  


Choose the START DATE of the courses on Sunday or Monday according to the formula + SKI and COLLECTIVE

Please remember to give us a phone number that can be reached during your vacations and a non-professional email ;)


Mini-Team : Start of the course from 2 students / If 1 student : 3 x 1h30 with the possibility to switch to a Basic course
Basic : Starting from 4 students / If 1 student : 2 x 2h / If 2 students : 3 x 2h / If 3 students : 4 x 2h
Premium : Starting from 4 students / If 1 student : 2 x 2h / If 2 students : 3 x 2h / If 3 students : 4 x 2h